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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Ontario

Back adjustmentCar accidents can wreak havoc on the body and have devastating effects on one’s health. If you were involved in an auto accident, even one with relatively low impact, come to Cedar Chiropractic. We are a full-service office that will guide you through the entire process.

Dr. Mansour has extensive experience in diagnosing and caring for injuries sustained in auto accidents. He has seen many patients with conditions like whiplash and traumatic brain injury respond exceptionally well to his chiropractic care.

A Legal Expert and Advocate for You

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Mansour provides excellent care and believes in fighting for you as he lends his expertise. He has served as an expert witness in several legal cases regarding auto accident injuries, and he can be a source for you to receive justice and healing.

Start Right Away to Improve the Recovery Process

An important aspect is Dr. Mansour’s ability to document and prove the injuries sustained. You must seek care immediately so that all conditions are diagnosed and you can return to complete health. The fresher the injury, the higher the potential for correction.

Come in immediately for an initial appointment that takes only 30 minutes and includes digital X-rays. Typically, if care begins right after the accident, full recovery takes 2-3 months.

Physiotherapy is offered at our Ontario office so that you can also receive care for the tissues around the spine.

We Have Options for Every Financial Situation

Our office works with insurance companies and will bill them directly.

We have several payment options and programs if you do not have insurance or want to be a cash-only patient. Contact our office to find out how you can get the help you need in a way you can afford.

Restore Your World: Schedule an Appointment Today

Come in as soon as possible to restore the health you had before your auto accident injuries.

Same-day appointments and on-site digital X-rays are available. Schedule a visit today!


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