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About Cedar Chiropractic

Cedar Chiropractic exteriorLocated in the center of the Inland Empire in Ontario, Cedar Chiropractic is a convenient and family-friendly chiropractic care office that exists to change the world one spine at a time. One of our specialties is doing an assessment and therapy after a car accident, but we use all sorts of techniques to care for everyone, from infants to those in their golden years.

We Do What’s Best for You

Our attitude is that each person has unique needs, and no technique fits everyone. The solutions to your spinal health issues are distinctive, and we do not use a method just because it worked on our last patient.

Chiropractor Dr. Johnny Mansour is all about getting to know each patient personally and talking about what you need so that we can do the things that help you rediscover or maintain your health. We will use a singular technique or a combination of manual and instrument-assisted methods if that is what is needed to help you get to the next level.

Finding Answers to the Most Challenging Problems

We are well-served by our willingness to look at each patient as a unique case and combine methods to find solutions. Dr. Mansour can take on more challenging cases and finds a special type of satisfaction in being able to help someone who feels hopeless.

Cedar Chiropractic is a prime destination for you if you need relief or corrective care to help you get your life back. If you are in that place, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment or a free consultation.

Get on the Healing Path Today!

At our practice, we are equipped to help everyone from a baby with colic to a middle-aged adult hurting in the aftermath of an auto accident. Get started on life-changing care. Schedule a free consultation or an appointment today!


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